Family Rates

Standard Family Appointment: $136

This includes 2 Adults and up to 2 children. So for up to 4 member family. Family Rates only apply to the family members coming in together at the same appointment.

So why not take advantage of these rates?

How it works:

  • Each family member must first have a First Appointment
  • Family Rates apply only when two to four members of the same family on the same day at the same appointment receives treatment. If there are more than 4 members at the appointment it will be an additional $40 per extra member.
  • The amount will be divided by the number of family members present at the appointment and receiving treatment and billed accordingly.
  • We strictly adhere to Health Insurance rules.  It is considered fraud to claim for a person either not present or not receiving treatment.

For example:

The Smith family have all had their First Appointment. If all 4 book in together for a Standard Family Appointment then the flat fee of $136 gets divided by 4. S0 instead of $68 each it now works out to $34 each.

But what if all four couldn’t make it for the Standard Family Appointment and only 3 came? The flat rate of $136 would still apply. The billed amount per person would then be $44 instead of $34. Still way less than $68 each.

For Health Insurance the flat fee will be divided by the number of treatments done and claimed accordingly and the gap will be payable on the day.

General Terms and Conditions:

The patient (or for a minor, their legal guardian) upholds the responsibility to inform us about any changes to your personal details and medical health details, respectively. If further information is required on your medical health details, you shall provide us with permission to contact your general practitioner or any other practitioner.

The patient (or for a minor, their legal guardian) agrees to assume all financial responsibility for all treatment rendered, and understands that full payment is required on the day of treatment. The patient (or for a minor, their legal guardian) agrees to cover all costs incurred to recover any outstanding debt for which I am responsible, including debt collectors and legal fees.

Any patient under the age of 18 must have a consenting adult with them on the day of treatment.

We exercise the right to refuse treatment to any patient that does not adhere to the aforementioned conditions, or any patient being rude, unruly or violent to our staff on our premises.