Chiropractic Care

I use a combination of a number of techniques, ranging from Manual adjustments to Drop Piece and very light techniques.

One of the techniques I use is called Neuro Impulse Protocol (NIP) and Kiro Kids Adjusting the Child Techniques. This is a very light, specific technique and I have used it on both my children. NIP is the adapted version of the child technique into adults and includes Cranial work and arms and legs.

Thompson Technique is the primary drop piece technique I use where I use the table to give make a specific, light adjustment. The table does make a lot of noise in the process.

For manual adjustments I use a combination of Diversified and Ghonstead techniques, both very effective.

Ultimately I use a combination of these techniques for each patient and cater specific to his/her needs. My adjustments are rarely exactly the same as at each visit. I believe the body is a dynamic, changing structure and not “stuck” in one position permanently.

I also do Soft Tissue work and may include Logan Basic, Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle release techniques, Strapping and other.

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